Cacao Ceremonies Full & New moon


/ 2-3 hours

Each Full and New Moon, Ix Cacao the goddess of chocolate takes us on a magical sacred journey connecting to our heart, mother earth, spirit guides and our ancient ancestors this deep connection is where the magic happens quieting the mind finding the answers are within and releasing what is no longer serving us! allowing us to create and manifest. The answers you seek will flow effortlessly.

 You will be supported in sacred circle for this journey we will take you on a guided meditation supported by a sound bath

This is a safe and intimate group to deliver an individual and sacred guided journey each time. A truly nurturing experience, connecting to our soul’s essence.

Each ceremony I use ethically sourced, organic ceremonial grade dose of Cacao, magically prepared just for you in a sacred ritual!

For Full details of upcoming ceremonies, message me via 0427 319 690

Our Clients Say

Naomie is an amazing practitioner who seamlessly uses her many modalities to maximise outcomes for her clients. Very grateful to have stumbled across her at the Gawler Psychic Fair, she is a wonderful healer and down to earth human. Strongly recommend her if you are looking for something you can't pinpoint, or to heal deep trauma. Love & light

Britt Wilson Content Creator

I’ve had great experiences with Naomie and would 100% recommend she is very informative and accurate and feel that the flower Essence helped me daily.

Paula Walton

Naomi is an incredibly giving Intuative! I’ve had some big shifts after her amazing Cacao Ceremonies & I just LOVE her Magic Abundance Candles! Every time I light one up I receive new business & opportunities! Every person I have referred to Naomi has walked away with much more than they anticipated and her intuitive guidance has been spot on!! I highly recommend getting in touch to find out how she can help you and definitely book in for a Cacao Ceremony! Thanks Naomi for all that you do for so many

Suzanne Ingleton

I had an amazing reading today from Naomie. my reading was incredibly accurate im many aspects of my life. Your guidance is very much appreciated. I will definitely have future readings with you. Thankyou

Julie Adams

As a practitioner, and life long student, of Ayurveda I like to think that I have tools to keep me balanced…most of the time. But so it goes in our human existence, blockages arise over time, until one day you wake up and feel energetically stunted. Having one session with Naomie has really broken down a significant amount of energetic limitation that has been building within me over the past two years. I think we can all relate to the stressful undercurrent of a global pandemic. The vibrations of Naomie’s singing bowls particularly moved me to the point of tears. I felt so “held” but Naomie. Days later my cells still feel “charged”. People have commented that I look different, asking if it’s a haircut or makeup, to which I know is neither. Grateful to have had this session with Naomie, I’m feeling more like myself; mind/body/spirit unified. Thank you, my friend for this timely reminder. Practitioners need practioners, too

Madeleine Modern Ayurvedic