The Mind’s Eye Tarot (Olivia Rose)


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Let Your Imagination Be Your Guide The Mind’s Eye Tarot invites you to embark on an adventure of the spirit, allowing your imagination to be your trusted guide. Through her lush, mixed media artwork using tea and gold ink, Olivia Rose conveys the intuitive creative process that inspired The Mind’s Eye Tarot and infused it with positive energy. The 78 borderless cards encourage us to dive deep into our own emotions to connect with the stories and symbolism of tarot and discover their meanings and messages. Includes 78 gilt-edged cards and 172-page illustrated guidebook.

About the Author

Olivia Rose is a UK artist with both Scottish and Jamaican heritage. She has always had a passion for the arts and wanted to be an artist since the age of five! Her love for art started with her mother who studied fashion. She enjoyed watching her mum create beautiful fashion illustrations and that’s where the love affair began! Olivia works using traditional materials such as markers, ink, and occasionally watercolors on watercolor paper. She is primarily a self-taught artist but studied animation at university. She has created an oracle deck, The Hearts Eye Oracle. Her interest in the ocean and nature has greatly influenced her work. She often studies different natural forms such as shells, mushrooms, coral and fossils, then incorporates them into her artwork. Olivia also has a deep love for fantasy creatures such as mermaids, fairy and elves and they often make an appearance in her illustrations. Olivia’s work has been displayed in the UK, America, China and Malaysia.