The Body is the Barometer of the Soul (Annette Noontil)


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Annette was a caring, loving, giving soul. She was content to be involved in her
local area and community until someone needed her. Then, she’d pack her bag
and be there to assist.

Her aim was to help as many people as possible to understand their ailments,
link them to their thoughts, then move forward with positive actions.
Annette was brought up in a household where manners were everything and
you must always ‘do the right thing’. Over her years of growth and learning, she
untangled and re-wired her thinking to know that every experience was
something to gain from no matter how traumatic or pleasant it may be and that
everything we think has an effect on our bodies.

Annette presents you with information and hopes it can make a difference to your lives.

So Be Your Own Doctor II

Changing your thoughts to change your body is the simple way this book shows you.

Being in control of your health is easy when you know what thoughts you need to change.

If you want to understand about attracting sickness, this is the book for you.

Celebrating 20 years of healing!