The Alchemical Search for the Unifield Field (R. E. Kretz)


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An in-depth guide to attaining the enlightenment of the Philosopher’s Stone

• Explores the alchemical mechanics of the Philosophers’ Stone

• Illustrates the sacred geometry behind the creation of the Philosophers’ Stone

• Explains how the Philosophers’ Stone relates to the Third Eye and how to balance its energies to attain enlightenment

Inspired by alchemists of the past, R. E. Kretz explores the mechanics of the Philosophers’ Stone, the Pythagorean transmigration of the soul, and the alchemical path for attaining enlightenment.

The author details an illustrative geometric approach for the creation of the Philosophers’ Stone using an “oblong square” (created by three overlapping circles with the center circle squared), the same shape described in Freemasonry as the form of a Masonic Lodge. He compares this diagram to depictions of the Stone in Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Hindu cultures as well as floorplans for European cathedrals, showing how the sacred geometry of the oblong square elucidates man as mind, body, and spirit encapsulating a soul.

Describing the relationship between the alchemical oblong square and the electrical circuit of the brain, the author details the operative process of the Philosophers’ Stone, likening it to the servomechanism of the third eye located between the twin pillars of the cerebral hemispheres. He explores how to navigate the twin pillars of the brain to find equilibrium—the third pillar. When the energies of our third eye are in equilibrium, we resonate as a harmonic waveform generator, and he shows how this can be achieved through meditation and the synchronizing vibration of vocal mantras.

Drawing on the work of Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Hermeticism, sacred geometry, and Native American shamanism, this book presents an allegorical quest for the Philosophers’ Stone and a path for attaining enlightenment.